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Meet Our Amazing Coaching Team

Ever had someone tell you that “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day” or that when it comes to health and wellness “it’s just about priorities”? .. a little out of touch right?  What makes our coaching team so amazing?  We realize how busy all of you are, how many commitments you have and that we’re all working to find that balance in life while working to reach our fitness goals.  Each of us has dealt with various challenges with our own health journey and still works to balance hectic schedules with our fitness goals just like our clients do! This helps us understand where you are coming from and meet you where you are at.  We all love working with ALL clients – from those just starting out, to those beasting out workouts 6x’s a week. We can modify for any ability level, as well as injuries (with Dr. approval of course!). We want to show people that EVERYONE can truly find a place in our community and improve their health and wellness for the long term.

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