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What is your Class Schedule?

  • Our most current class schedule shown below. A full schedule, including Pop up classes, can also be found in the Central HIIT App. As classes grow, we will look to add additional days/ times to accommodate our members!

What programs / services do you offer?

  • We offer HIIT Group Classes, Personal Training, Forever Fit Group Classes (A combination of strength, mobility and balance work), Yoga, and Accountability & Integrative Nutrition Coaching. All of our programs are offered in person in Marlton, as well as virtually! Check out the Programs tab for more detailed information on each!

I haven't worked out in a long time, can I take your classes?

  • Yes! We can tailor or modify classes for just about any fitness level. It's important to us that everyone can get a great workout, no matter where you're starting from! Connect with us and schedule your free trial - our coaches will guide you in our workouts and help you feel successful from Day 1!

Can I try out a class first?

  • Absolutely, we offer a free 3 class trial so you can get a feel for our classes (and how unique each one is), make sure it fits in your schedule, and meet our awesome crew. Once you sign up for a trial, you'll receive an email with all the details needed for reserving and attending your first class!

What do I need to bring with me?

  • After signing up for your trial you'll receive a welcome email, but the most important things are: wear clothes that you are comfortable working out in, please carry your workout shoes in to change into or clean them when you get to the gym (to keep our workout floors clean), and to bring a water bottle and sweat towel.

How big are your classes?

  • Our classes can be up to 25 people; however, depending on the day and time will typically range from 8-15.

Are you a women's only gym?

  • Our programming is effective for both women and men, but women tend to look for our style of classes more often because of their short duration and effectiveness. Our membership community is close to 97% women, but we do not consider ourselves exclusive or “for women only”. We DO however, make sure that every single member knows we do not tolerate comments or behavior that will make any other member feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. We want EVERYONE to be able to have a safe space to work on their health and wellness goals here at Central HIIT.

What safety/ cleaning / Covid protocols do you follow?

  • In order to prevent the spread of germs, our coaches work hard to sanitize all equipment during classes, as well as additional cleaning & sanitizing in between every class. We also have multiple sanitizer stations throughout the studio that clients are encouraged to use as frequently as possible. Regarding Covid – we will continue to follow any state mandates (should they change) and update as frequently as possible.

What equipment do I need for at home/ virtual workouts?

  • We have bodyweight alternatives for all of our workouts so you don’t need anything but your body, a little bit of space, some water and maybe a sweat towel! We’ll also have options that include dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands – even if you don’t have those, you probably have a lot of items at home that you can incorporate to add resistance. We've had members use laundry detergent containers, gallon jugs, book bags filled with canned goods... etc. as long as you can get a good grip on it, we can work with it!

What is your pricing?

  • We offer multiple virtual and in person options including Drop Ins, Class Cards/Packs and Memberships. For consistent attendance, Memberships are the most cost effective, and range from $100 to $170 per month. We will meet with you to talk about your goals, lifestyle & activities outside the gym and which package is the best fit for you. We highly encourage checking out a free 3 class trial so you can experience our awesome, welcoming crew & members, and see what our workouts are really like - to help with choosing what will be the best for your goals and budget!

Do I pay weekly, biweekly or monthly?

  • Drop Ins and Class cards are paid in a lump sum at the time of purchase. For any membership packages, these will be billed every other week after your sign up date (the total monthly amount is split in half for every other week billing).

Am I locked into a contract? What if I need to cancel?

  • We have multiple membership contract options – 6 and 12 months are standard. We want you to stay and continue to train with us because you love it and you get the results you want! We offer a 30 day love it or leave it period, no questions asked – if in the first 30 days it’s not working for you and you don’t love it then you can cancel with no fees etc. Beyond the 30 days, we will always work with folks to adjust membership if a life event necessitates a change. If you move out of the area membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice. All memberships are able to be put on hold for medical or short term issues that pop up as well.

Can I put my membership on hold?

  • We do have holds for medical necessity, and will consider other requests on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss if you need a hold on your account.

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