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"To me, fitness isn’t about the scale. I have learned, fitness is about your mind, body, and soul. Fitness is exercising those three components, daily, whichever way you see beneficial. Since you can’t see inside of my brain and how I operate these days, physical results and my words will have to do. Changing your lifestyle is never easy and always gets the phrases: “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or “I’ll start next week.” Well, why not do it today?

Find a community that helps you challenge yourself and holds you accountable. Who is going to do that you ask - Central HIIT can help! When you have coaches and people around you cheering you on, it’s hard not to challenge yourself. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable and things don’t happen over night. Life is a journey and it can be fun! This community and the results are worth it."

Jenna G, 34

Marlton, NJ

Finally putting her health first!

After completing her initial 6 week program in the beginning of 2023 Maria said - "I truly believe Commit to You saved my life. I was stuck in a place where my health was quickly deteriorating from my lack of movement and bad nutrition. I spent half of my life taking care of my husband, kids, parents, pets, etc. and I forgot how to take care of me. Commit to You “met me where I was” and provided opportunities everyday to make good choices for ME. As I began to challenge myself in each class, to hit my macro numbers most days, and most importantly to feel better than I have in years, I knew that Commit to You was the answer I had been looking for. It gave me the kick start I needed to take a good look at myself and commit to taking better care of ME. I sleep better and move with less pain, and my health issues have improved significantly. Losing a few pounds has been an added bonus. Thank you to my Commit to You coach, Dina, Jaime and all the Central HIIT coaches for your support and encouragement!"

Maria D, 58

Medford, NJ

Making positive changes for her long term health!

"Since joining Central HIIT I’ve seen remarkable results not only in my physique but in my overall energy and self-confidence. Their variety of workouts and “all level” approach to each exercise allowed me to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible, especially at my age! Whether it’s their HIIT or yoga classes, this variety allowed me to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility. The coaches' knowledge, encouragement and continuous support has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also instilled a newfound love of exercising. Because of Central HIIT’s dedication to helping individuals like me, I’ve been able to make positive changes in my fitness journey."

Linda H, 48

Marlton, NJ

We take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, and help you plan for the inevitable surprises that life will throw at you!

Our group classes give you an awesome workout, with an amazing crew, AND our coaches give you the personalization you need to see results. We make it easy for you to stick with your healthy habits for the long term!

  • Convenient class times and quick, efficient and effective workouts.

  • Accountability from our expert coaching team to keep you consistent!

  • Support and community from our Awesome HIITFAM, they're one of a kind.

  • Nutrition and behavior change coaching to support your goals in and out of the gym!

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