HIIT Your Goals

With 30 Minute Group and Personal Training

Lean On Our Community To Make Total Body Wellness CENTRAL In Your Life

HIIT Your Goals

With 30 Minute Group and Personal Training

Lean On Our Community To Make Total Body Wellness CENTRAL In Your Life


What do you struggle with?

We have all been there – crazy schedule, burned out, unmotivated, exhausted and not sure what to do – or how to fit it all in. That’s why Central HIIT exists – to help us all find a balance to make our health central to our lives!


We know it can take a village!  As a part of our group classes (both in person and virtual) you get an amazing workout, guidance from an expert – we watch your form, provide modifications and help you push through each workout, and support from our amazing community members (lovingly coined our “Central HIITFAM”)! 

Hectic Schedule

Do you have a busy schedule and struggle to fit workouts in your day? Our quick and effective workouts are ~35 minutes start to finish – and we have a recorded option on top of our multiple live class times so that you can fit a workout into your schedule!


Do you have a hard time sticking to your actions to accomplish your goals?  We focus on helping you create healthy habits you can stick with, through small attainable (and sustainable) changes – and provide you the support and accountability you need through our amazing Coaches and Community! 


Tried every diet in the book? Tired of that yo-yo or roller coaster feeling that comes with it? Us too!  That’s why we focus on a balanced, individualized approach – You’ll have a 1×1 session to discuss your goals and nutritional needs, and we will work with you to form the balanced nutrition habits that will support your goals. We’ll utilize weekly check-ins to help you find your nutritional groove! 


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Gym

Central HIIT Feels Like Home

“I know that sounds weird to say about a gym, but the crew is the best. It doesn’t matter what class I get to, there’s always people there to cheer one another on and encourage each other through the workouts. The workouts are fun because they are different each day, as well as challenging. The space is clean and they’ve got great equipment to be able to switch up the workouts. The coaches are amazing. They are always helping to ensure correct form and are ready at the blink of an eye to help with a modification, if needed. It’s just a great group of people with a wonderful set of coaches. The owner, Jaime, is warm, caring, encouraging, and there to help you reach your potential. She’s also thought of everything! Forgot your socks? She’s got’em! Need a hair tie? No worries. If you want a place to work out where you’ll always feel like you belong, this is your spot.”

~ Kristen L Marlton, NJ

Passion Is Contagious

“A friend of mine belongs to Central HIIT and I have seen how successful she has been on her journey. Her success inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I’m so happy that I did. Central HIIT is amazing!! The trainers are great at helping with form and modifications to ensure the best workout for each individual. The workouts are tough but fun because it’s different everyday. I really enjoy the classes and challenging myself to be better each class. The atmosphere is very comfortable, everyone has been kind and encouraging which makes the experience that much better. I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group.”

~ Karen A. Marlton, NJ

In The Best Shape

“I absolutely love Central HIIT and the environment Jaime and the coaches have created. I first started going to the gym because I wanted to become physically healthy. Fast forward to present day, I continue to go because of my mind and spirit. Jaime has helped create a different mindset for myself. I GET to challenge and move my body. I feel at home when I walk into Central HIIT and I have felt welcomed since the first day I walked in. Jaime and the coaches have helped me set realistic goals for myself over the years and it has been a complete life style change. One that I can maintain and most importantly, I have fun while continuing them:)!
Joining Central HIIT has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!”

~ Jenna G. Marlton, NJ